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Proof of hair filling in and, yes, GROWING!

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A Jacob Marley Moment

Had sugar AND caffeine today, and now I’m pulling. 

Take heed, followers, that trichotillomania can be exacerbated by our diets. I know that sugar and caffeine are both triggers, and every time I think I’ll be fine even though I always end up pulling.

I was wrong! Don’t be like me! Know your dietary hotspots and keep them in moderation. 

Now I gotta go find my cat hat. 

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I got my tlcbfrb intouch Newsletter in the mail today and while flipping through, I come face-to-face with myself on an entire page! It’s to advertise the BFRB Precision Medicine Initiative (BPM) which is the largest BFRB treatment-based initiative ever run! I’ve heard details about this that includes involvement from NIMH, DNA testing, imaging studies, and involvement of reputable Universities across the USA!

To become a TLC member that receives these newsletters and all of the stuff shown above, join here.


With TLC focusing on a new approach to the skin picking community, you’ll see just what we, the Skin Picking Task Force (responsible for the recent survey distributed throughout the community), found out from your answers! Follow TLC’s blog for the findings, to be released next week.



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fun tip:

anxiety is not cured by forcing a person into the situation that makes them anxious

Actually, mild exposure to certain things is a well-tested and proven method of cognitive behavioral therapy and habit reversal training. For a lot of GAD things this may not help, but specific situations (worrying about being late to the point of leaving ridiculously early) this can be extremely useful since it doesn’t reinforce our anxiety - yeah it sucks at first, but it can be overcome. Basics of human psychology; the more you know! 

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My hair is DEFINITELY getting longer. 

In the places I have hair, that is. 

Still a victory, now it’s a waiting game for the patches to fill in completely. 

This is a glorious day. 

Meant to post this here - too lazy to delete and do all that. Too busy celebrating, I mean. 

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I Have Trichotillomania, and Beauty Products Changed My Life. Here's My Story



Soooooo a few days ago I mentioned my picking has gotten really bad and since then have been talking to maybe two dozen of you about it via email. I started taking your advice and it’s gotten way better so fast. Anyway, I wrote about it for Teen Vogue, they were really interested in learning more. Thank you to everyone who spoke to me about it — and of course the ones who let me quote them in the piece, you were a dream to talk to about it. Thank you very much, as always. 

A heartfelt thank you from all of us.

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I have bipolar disorder.

I have



No matter how I dissect it, it sounds so strange. Finally confirming something I’ve known for years, something that can be treated, something so similar to what I was already diagnosed with.

But lightyears apart somehow. 

I’m hesitant to speak it out loud. Like the stigma behind mental illness grows greater now that I’m not just depressed, or anxious, or obsessive-compulsive or an Adult with ADD.

I am bipolar. 

So many things are explained, weird quirks or “stages” in my life. If I’d been diagnosed as such years ago, how would things have been different? Awkward idiosyncrasies may have been telltale signs of an upswing into mania. 

I have a family history of bipolar disorder. This diagnosis also seals my inclination to not have children of my own. I was on the fence because depression and possibly trichotillomania are inheritable and I didn’t want that for my children, to go through what I went through, but now…

this means I can’t be a mother unless I adopt or decide to risk it. 

A lot of heavy questions weigh on me. 

In the meantime, my hair is growing. I’ve started some new medication, and abilify is taking the edge off of my OCD. However, it’s also making me super drowsy. 

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So on Monday I was able to visit my doctor and with very little “convincing” he agreed that my diagnosis is probably wrong.

What that means is really something I’d like to discuss in detail in the context it deserves, but I’m taking some time to process and get used to my new treatment.

Upside of a manic episode; in 9 days, I hardly pulled.

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  • More and more I’m convinced that I’m bipolar, not just depressed.

    It makes sense. I’ve spent the majority of my 20s in extremes of mental illness. Except for the year I worked at Walt Disney World, and a brief period in 2009-2010, I’ve been

    • Extremely depressed with disinterest in myself, others, and hobbies; lethargic and suicidal
    • Delusional over my own abilities, circumstances, ambitions perceptions of others and how others perceive me. I mean, REALLY delusional, you guys. Painfully, awkwardly delusional. 
    • Paranoid. 
    • Obsessive and fixated with events and slights - I spent the better part of three years getting over (by which I mean a lot of painful crying and soul searching) a guy I dated for 6 months that I didn’t even like that much anyway. 
    • Wasteful in money due to, again, obsessive tendencies. I spent SO MUCH MONEY on novelty t-shirts. I like novelty t-shirts. I wear them a lot. But I also had this grand scheme to like, upcycle them and make them into cute clothing? I don’t even sew that well and now I have three trash bags full of goddamn novelty t shirts
    • Had a recurring tendency for violent (in the figurative sense - I can’t think of any time I’ve physically) outbursts where I spew hateful, vile, hurtful language at loved ones when minorly provoked. I’ve written this off as an extremely unfortunate character flaw, but I’m starting to have my doubts.
    • This recent development with the “energy burst” (see last post)

    All of these things have intertwined, or gone in waves. 

    Add this on top of my OCD, anxiety, and trichotillomania, AND the fact that my family has a history of bipolar disorder, and I’m starting to think that maybe I need to make my psychiatrist understand that despite what he may think, I want to re-assess my diagnosis. I’m not sure though, I don’t know if what I’m feeling/have felt really matches with the symptoms of bipolar disorder.