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CBT: It works, bitches

I was thinking the other day that next time I have an issue with anxiety or self-esteem instead of rolling through the steps in my head (what is the thought? How does it make me feel? How is it illogical? What is the reality? etc) I should write them down here. 

I have a number of really great worksheets from when I attended CBT group therapy and the basic premise would be fun (and informative!) to share. 

Also, hairs are still agrowin! I’d say my hair is about 3/4 in long - it doesn’t sound like much but MAN in two months I’ll be looking really good. I’m finally getting to use my fancy WEN shampoo and not feel bad that it’s being “wasted”! 

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I do not agree with merging all BFRB's together.


Although I want awareness and help for all, I really dislike how TLC are turning into ‘BFRB’s Organisation’. They appear to be rebranding on all social media and also rebranding their products/awareness info. (Though they still work under and call their conferences TLC).

In my opinion,…

Respectfully disagree. TLC has the infrastructure to represent bfrds of all types. It would take years to build that exposure from scratch.

I’ll take confusion over ignorance.

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The abilify has been working wonders in the hair pulling department, but I’m still so exhausted all the time. 

Doctors always say it’s meds or the depression. I’d like to go a day where I don’t feel (and am not able to) sleeping for 14 hours straight just to be rested.

One of my good friends suffers from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome - I’m just lucky that for all my energy troubles at least I don’t have to go through the nightmare that he does. 

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I always regret it in the morning.
Anonymous asked


Hey Anon,

It’s not something you need to regret as you didn’t willingly or freely choose to do it in the first place. It’s not your fault and you shouldn’t have to feel any guilt or shame for something you can’t help; I know that’s a lot easier said than done, but sometimes it’s just good to hear.

Hope you’re well <3

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About 20 minutes ago I was on the phone with a friend complaining about different things: relationships, work, my apartment, money… And she interrupted me basically to stay snap out of it… And for the first time ever.. It actually worked.

Almost instantly I was brought back to the moment in…

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Sometimes I’m painfully aware of the fact that my illnesses have allowed me to alienate myself from others.

From family.

From friends. I’ve lost more than a few friends because I’ve shut them out, or stopped going to invites, or just plain stopped being interesting enough

I’ve lost a lot of opportunities to live the life I’ve wanted, either out of fear, or just plain inability to function and think correctly.

Sometimes I see my friends having meaningful relationships - being goofy with other friends, living in apartments and going through their 20s together in wacky adventures like some trite television show and I can’t help but wonder what is so wrong with me that I have to be so lonely. But it’s not just loneliness - it’s the want to want to be involved. I feel so dead and zombie-like, I don’t feel anything at all. And that doesn’t make for good jokey-times or deep introspective conversations.

I’m happy for my friends that have meaningful friendships and romantic relationships. My best friend is married, and they’re living a great life together. But sometimes I wish I had somebody who I could go out with on a Saturday night. Or have goofy in-jokes with. Or who I could just be myself around, even if being myself means being quiet and sitting quietly. I’m so, so happy for the people in my life who have people they can joke with and laugh with and love life with and cry with, but I just can’t seem to make those connections from my end.

And I just don’t know where I went wrong. 

This is the kind of stuff that keeps me awake at night, and makes me really start to pull.

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when my hair grows long enough, I will dye it red

and then I’ll be unstoppable!

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Well, this ad is never going to work. [x]

fact: I read the entire ad hoping that at some point it was going to mention squirrels.



Well, this ad is never going to work. [x]

fact: I read the entire ad hoping that at some point it was going to mention squirrels.

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Proof of hair filling in and, yes, GROWING!

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A Jacob Marley Moment

Had sugar AND caffeine today, and now I’m pulling. 

Take heed, followers, that trichotillomania can be exacerbated by our diets. I know that sugar and caffeine are both triggers, and every time I think I’ll be fine even though I always end up pulling.

I was wrong! Don’t be like me! Know your dietary hotspots and keep them in moderation. 

Now I gotta go find my cat hat.